Field Trips

"Love coming every year! This field trip combines everything we teach into fun Hands-On activities"- Jessie H. -Paris, TN

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In the Fall...

Visit the Corn Maze! 

Students will enjoy finding their way through our mini corn maze.  We will have the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin displayed on storyboards throughout phase one of our maze.  Chaperones will have the opportunity to share the story of Spookley and discuss the importance of being kind to others.  Please DO NOT enter phase 2 of the maze during the field trip.


  • Meet the Farmer, Learn About His Farm

  • Meet Baby Chicks, Rabbits, Pigs, Goats, and Sheep

  • See the Dairy Cow, Beef Cow, Horse, Hog, Mule, Donkey, Sheep, and Adult Goats

  • Hay Wagon Ride

  • Pick Your Own Pumpkins (Every student gets a Pumpkin)

  • Explore the Spookley Corn Maze

  • Playground, Giant Slides, Hay Mountains, and Zipline

  • Take a tour through our Little Barns



Available only in September/October

School Tours: 9 am–1pm Wednesday through Friday 

Home School Tours:  Dates TBA


Reservations are required.

$8 for each student (20 person minimum, Tax ID required)

$8 for each sibling, parent/grandparent (if paid by school in one lump sum.)

$10.95 weekday +tax (if you pay individually)


Children UNDER 2 years of age are free. One teacher per class is free.
Call us at 731-424-4526 for your reservation!


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Students experience Hands-on Learning with Hands-on Fun at Donnell Century Farm. They will experience hands-on farming activities like planting seeds to enhance their understanding of farming and the food they buy at the grocery.


Kids will learn about animals and learn basic needs of animals. The students will recall information, answer questions, sort, follow directions, increase listening skills, and apply information learned in the classroom. Kids will ride in a tractor pulled wagon. They will navigate a trail or maze to read a story or answer questions. Playing safety is important. Students will follow safety rules while playing on the many activities in Possum Holler.


Picnic tables are provided under the pavilion. Bring your picnic lunch or order from our grill when available. Restrooms are modern and clean located near Calf-A Concessions.

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Springtime on The Farm

Yum! Yum! Hamburger Fun! 

Mix Hands-on Learning with Hands-on Fun in Spring Creek TN just 8 miles off I-40 near Jackson, TN at Donnell Century Farm Adventure. Have you ever seen a hamburger plant? Students will tour the Hamburger Farm and see and feel vegetables needed to build the All-American Burger. Students will see wheat ground for buns. They will gather an egg for mayonnaise, pick a potato for French fries, pick a tomato and learn about cucumber pickles and green onions. Who knows maybe they will dress their burger all the way next time!


Our certified teacher captivates with hands-on learning plant cycles, germination, weather patterns, and photosynthesis. Kids will make and taste butter and milk a wooden “cow” in the Dairy Barn. They will understand the basic needs of farm animals while petting, feeding and observing them in their habitat. Kids will take a wagon ride to the JellyBean the Unbreakable Egg storybook nature trail and learn the importance of kindness and team work. Possum Holler Playground provides heart pumping exercise on the huge Jumping Pillow, Mega Slide, Rat Rollers, Duck Races, Zip lines, corn boxes and more. Students have so much fun in our interactive areas and farm attractions they do not realize they are learning. Donnell Century Farm Adventure is the premier farm field trip where students mix hands-on learning with hands-on fun.


2019 Spring Field Trip

Offering educational field trips to pre-school and elementary age students is a priority for us at Donnell Farm.  We believe it's important that the heritage and dynamics of agriculture is something that all children have the chance to be exposed to.  It just so happens that we are able to help accomplish that goal in a fun and unique way.  We invite you to bring your students to come get "lost" in our classroom in the corn! Our kiddie corn maze is 12 storybook pages about Spookley and is hard to get lost but easy to have fun.



  • Hamburger Farm fun interactive learning with certified teacher

  •  Make and taste butter

  • Tour Little Barns Hamburger Farm

  • See Baby Animals: Chicks, Goats, Donkeys

  • Meet Farm Barnyard: Rabbits, Cow, Pig, Pony, Donkeys, Chickens

  • Feed goats and watch them climb on top of barn

  • Wagon ride to JellyBean the Unbreakable Storybook nature trail

  • Slide down slides small and tall. Slide Mountain 100’long

  • Jump on huge Pillow, Hay Mountain, and play on the playground.


Spring School Tours: April 15th – End of school (Wednesday-Friday)


9am – 1 pm

Home School Day Tours:



Reservations are required.

$8 for each student (20 person minimum, Tax ID required)

$8 for each sibling, parent/grandparent (if paid by school in one lump sum.)

$10.95 weekday +tax (if you pay individually)

FREE: Teachers, nurse, principal, special aide if required

Children UNDER 2 years of age are admitted free.


$6.50 hamburger or cheeseburger kiddie meal includes burger, chips and a drink.

(Must be ordered one week in advance for class. 10 minimum order)

CLICK here or call us at 731-424-4526 for your reservation!

Parents and students paying at the farm: $10.95 +tax