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"Love coming every year! This field trip combines everything we teach into fun Hands-On activities"- Jessie H. -Paris, TN

Field Trips


There's no better place than the farm!

Grab your students and give them an experience they'll never forget!


  • Meet the Farmer, Learn About His Farm

  • Meet Baby Chicks, Rabbits, Pigs, Goats, and Sheep

  • See the Dairy Cow, Beef Cow, Horse, Hog, Mule, Donkey, Sheep, and Adult Goats

  • Hay Wagon Ride

  • Pick Your Own Pumpkins (Fall only)

  • Explore the corn maze (Fall only)

  • Playground, Giant Slides, Hay Mountains, and Zipline

  • Take a tour through our Little Barns



Available only in September/October

School Tours: 9 am–1pm Wednesday through Friday 

2021 Home School Tours:  Dates TBA


Reservations are required.

$8 for each student (20 person minimum, Tax ID required)

$8 for each sibling, parent/grandparent (if paid by school in one lump sum.)


Children 23 months and younger are free. One teacher per class is free.


School Registration Form

Students experience Hands-on Learning with Hands-on Fun at Donnell Century Farm. They will experience hands-on farming activities like planting seeds to enhance their understanding of farming and the food they buy at the grocery.


Kids will learn about animals and learn basic needs of animals. The students will recall information, answer questions, sort, follow directions, increase listening skills, and apply information learned in the classroom. Kids will ride in a tractor pulled wagon. They will navigate a trail or maze to read a story or answer questions. Playing safety is important. Students will follow safety rules while playing on the many activities in Possum Holler.


Picnic tables are provided under the pavilion. Bring your picnic lunch or order from our grill when available. Restrooms are modern and clean located near Calf-A Concessions.

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