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Meet the Farmers


Donnell Roots run Deep

In 1835, John Donnell moved his family to Tennessee to what would become the Madison County village of Spring Creek. For six generations Donnell families have raised their children and cropped portions of this very same Donnell land.

Billy & Rose Ann (McCallum) Donnell (right photo) along with their son Andrew, his wife Jessica and children Callum, Catey Beth, and Connor (left photo) live on this real working farm. These children are the 7th generation to continuously live and work the Donnell Family Farm. They also farm their Peter McCallum farm which has been owned and farmed by the McCallum family for over 100 years.

Today, the Donnell Farm produces registered Angus cattle, cotton, soybean, corn, and hay. Donnell Century Farm All-Natural Angus Beefis sold at the Downtown Memphis Farmers Market and at fine restaurants in the Mid South. Century old production methods have been merged with GPS, artificial insemination, ultrasound, and no-till farming.

It is with a hopeful heart we present a look at agriculture as it was and as it is today. 

From Farm Gate to Dinner Plate. 

We invite you to our place where you can celebrate your agricultural past. A time when EVERYONE grew what they ate!

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