Homeschool Day

We welcome our homeschoolers to enjoy a day on the farm!  


Offering educational field trips to pre-school and elementary age students is a priority for us at Donnell Farm.  We believe it's important that the heritage and dynamics of agriculture is something that all children have the chance to be exposed to.  It just so happens that we are able to help accomplish that goal in a fun and unique way.  We invite you to bring your students to come get lost in our classroom in the corn!


When is homeschool day?

Homeschool day will be October 16th!  


What is Included in a Fall Field Trip?

Each field trip includes:                                             
Online curriculum materials for you to share with your students either before of after a visit to our farm.  These materials are available by download using a special passcode.                   
Educational lesson provided on Pumpkins and How They Grow, The Buzz on Bees, and Chickens on Donnell Farm.  Teachers and parents will also have many self guided educational opportunities on the farm.   
Students will visit the farm animals.   We will discuss what the animals provide and how we care for the animals. All students will get a hayride to the pumpkin patch.  Each student will receive a pie pumpkin included in his/her field trip price.  Large pumpkins may be purchased but are not included in the price of the field trip.

While we value education and want all children to learn on their visit, we also like to have FUN!  Students will receive one ride on the cow train, a trip down our 100 ft slide, and a turn on Johnny Popper (Our HUGE jumper)  for each student, a racing pig show, ball hops, hay jumps, corn bins, and much more!


Don't Forget The Corn Maze!

Students will enjoy finding their way through phase one of our corn maze.  We will have Spookley the Square Pumpkin displayed on storyboards throughout phase one of our maze.  Chaperones will have the opportunity to share the story of Spookley and discuss the importance of being kind to others.  We do Open phase 2 of our corn maze for older students.  
We ask that you speak with them prior to arrival on the farm and go over a few corn maze rules.   These rules are:  No picking corn, No throwing corn, all students must stay on the paths,  and absolutely no cutting through the corn.  If we see students picking and throwing corn, cutting through the corn, or disrupting the maze in any way, they will be escorted back to their parents.  


Each Student 12 and under will Receive

A small pumpkin                                                      
A voucher for a free return visit to Donnell Farm for each student!  (this is for fall field
trips only)


How Much does it Cost?

All field trip admissions must be purchased in advance online.  Once the date is sold out, this option will no longer be available.  Tickets will be available for purchase beginning August 23rd.  

$9 each

Why do we book homeschoolers on separate days?

We book our homeschool groups on a separate day than our public and private school tours due to the variance of ages that come with homeschool families.   We open our entire maze on homeschool days to allow the older students to get lost in the entire 6 acres.  

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